Training Course: Isolation, Preservation and Control of Yeast Strains

NOTE: Registration for this training course has closed. If you need any further information please contact us:     Carmen Nueno Palop,  T.+44 (0) 1603255093, E:

Imparted by members of the NCYC team, this course, runs from: 22-24 September 2015, will be of interest to anyone involved in the handling, distribution and storage of Yeasts.

The course will cover aspects of isolation, cultivation, identification & preservation of yeast cultures and runs for 3 days.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss aspects of their work with NCYC staff and will update their skills and knowledge of:

  • Isolation methods. Aseptic technique
  • Microscopy basics
  • Preservation methods. (Long and short-term preservation)
  • Recovering freeze-dried cultures.
  • Culturing yeast preserved by other methods.
  • Quality control checks: viability, purity checks (conventional and PCR based).
  • Identifying potential spoilage yeasts.



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