The National Collection of Yeast Cultures

The National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) is the UK’s premier collection of yeast cultures, holding over 4000 strains collected over 65 years. We have large collections of brewing yeast, genetically-defined yeast (used in many applications including cancer research), yeast associated with food spoilage and yeast of medical and industrial importance.

NCYC Catalogue

catalogueSearch our extensive catalogue of yeast strains. Purchase individual or groups of strains via our online shop.

Our Services

servicesNCYC offers a range of services, from authentication and identification to safe deposit and contract research.

Strain deposit

depositFor more than half a century the NCYC has served its hundreds of customers, providing secure and confidential storage of production strains.

Our research

researchResearch associated with NCYC aims to improve techniques to identify and classify yeasts, particularly those associated with brewing and food spoilage.

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