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Strain Deposit Service

Deposit in the Open Collection

The NCYC is always seeking to obtain new strains for deposit. We would be pleased to hear from anyone wanting to deposit strains. We cannot automatically accept all strains but will give careful consideration to any we are offered. We are particularly interested in potential new species, species from unusual environments or those which have industrial applications.

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Deposit of Cultures For Patent Purposes - Budapest Treaty

The biological material is deposited for patent purposes according the Budapest Treaty. The deposit will be recognized internationally. The material and all information concerning it will be handled strictly confidentially.

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Confidential Safe Deposit Service

These organisms will be handled strictly confidentially and will be available only for the depositor (annual fee). This is a deposit suitable for companies that want to store their strains in the NCYC yeast bank as insurance purposes, to guaranty access to the strains in time.

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