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Confidential Safe Deposit - Yeast Banking

If you are a brewer and would like more information regarding the new and improved Safe Deposit service at NCYC, specifically tailored to the brewing industry, please read the information on Safe Deposit Services for Brewers.

Enhanced Confidential Yeast Banking Service at NCYC

NCYC offers a highly secure and confidential Safe Deposit Service specifically designed for the storage of proprietary yeast strains. Cultures are safeguarded with the utmost confidentiality and are made available exclusively at the direction of the depositor.

This deposit service caters to companies seeking a secure repository for their strains at the NCYC yeast bank, providing insurance coverage and ensuring guaranteed access to these strains over time. Furthermore, deposited strains can be utilized to verify the authenticity of yeast strains employed in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Ideal for brewing, manufacturing, or biotechnological production, this service is valuable for any company possessing crucial production strains. The NCYC, with its state-of-the-art facilities and expertise in culture maintenance, preserves yeast cultures under optimal conditions. These strains are stored securely and confidentially, yet are readily available on demand. Additionally, strains in safe deposit can be converted into Patent deposits when required.

To initiate the submission of your yeast strain into the NCYC Safe Deposit, kindly email us to request the NCYC Safe Deposit Accession Form.

Preservation of Safe Deposited Cultures

Only essential information, such as media requirements for growth and, if applicable, the pathogenicity of the culture, needs to be disclosed. For genetically manipulated organisms, a signed statement from the depositor's local genetic risk assessment committee, categorizing the organism as GMAG 1 or 2, is required. Clearance from the Institute Genetic Modification Safety Committee is also mandatory before commencing any work on GMOs.

Upon receipt, each culture undergoes rigorous viability and purity checks. Yeasts are preserved both through freeze-drying and in liquid nitrogen, with periodic viability assessments mirroring those of the main collection.


Security Measures

Strains are securely housed at the Quadram Biosciences Institute with on-site security, and a duplicate collection is maintained at a geographically separate site for additional safeguarding. All information related to the cultures is strictly confidential and shared exclusively between NCYC and the depositor.

Access to Cultures

Access to safe-deposited cultures is exclusive to the depositor or according to the depositor's specific instructions. Annually, upon request, two slopes can be provided free of charge.


NCYC facilitates the acceptance of samples, such as brewing, baking, or other Saccharomyces cultures, directly from the manufacturing process for authentication against deposited cultures. Please reach out to the Collection Manager for further details before sending any cultures.