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Deposit in the OPEN Collection


The NCYC is always seeking to obtain new strains for deposit in the collection and we would be pleased to hear from anyone wishing to offer a strain for inclusion. We cannot automatically accept all strains but will give careful consideration to any we are offered.amopoules-collection-storage.jpg

We are particularly interested to receive any strains that have been mentioned in published scientific papers (or those that have been prepared for publication), potential new species, species from unusual environments and those that have caused spoilage problems or have been used in a particular application, such as brewing, food production or in industry. We also have a history of accepting small collections from laboratories and breweries which are closing or moving onto other work and no longer have the need or facilities to hold the strain collection themselves.

Strains accessioned into the open collection will become available without restriction to third parties under our standard terms and conditions of sale and are supplied with the understanding that the end user will comply with the Convention on Biological Diversity.
ampoules-flame.jpgOnce accepted for inclusion in to the collection the species identity of the strain will be confirmed by 26S rDNA sequence analysis and chemo-taxonomic tests will be carried out. On completion of this work a NCYC collection number will be assigned and the strain will be preserved by storage in liquid nitrogen and by freeze drying.

The results of the tests performed will be made available to the depositor and also be publically available on the NCYC web site.

The name of the depositor is usually displayed on the web site entry for the strain, however the depositor may remain anonymous if preferred.

The NCYC is happy to supply the original depositor with a single example of their deposit either freeze dried or as a live culture free of charge on completion of the storage work.

Please contact the NCYC staff if you wish to deposit a strain and for guidance on sending strains to the NCYC.