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Types of Strain Deposits

Depositing Yeast Strains at NCYC:

At NCYC, we offer a streamlined process for depositing yeast strains, catering to various needs. Currently, we accept three distinct types of deposits:

  • Open Collection -
    Accessible to the Public: Strains deposited under this category are made available to the public through the NCYC open database. Researchers, scientific community and companies can benefit from shared knowledge and resources.

  • Safe Deposit -
    Confidential Yeast Banking for Companies: Companies seeking a secure and confidential storage solution for their proprietary yeast strains can opt for the Safe Deposit. This service ensures the protection and exclusive access to deposited strains, providing an added layer of security.

  • Patent Deposit -
    Protect Your Intellectual Property: For those looking to safeguard their intellectual property, the Patent Deposit option allows depositing strains to facilitate the filing of a patent. This ensures legal protection and recognition of your unique yeast strains.



Preservation of  Deposited Cultures 

Upon receiving the deposited cultures, a thorough assessment is conducted to ensure their viability and purity. The yeast strains undergo a dual preservation method, including freeze-drying and storage in liquid nitrogen. Periodic viability checks are performed using the same rigorous procedures applied to the main collection..



To guarantee the utmost security, the strains are securely housed at the Quadram Biosciences Institute, equipped with on-site security protocols. As an additional layer of safeguarding, a duplicate collection is meticulously maintained at a geographically separate site. This comprehensive security framework ensures the integrity and confidentiality of the preserved strains.