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Slope - Active Culture

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Ampoule - Freeze Dried

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NCYC 2Dekkera anomala

Habitat: Beer

Depositor: A. Klocker

Deposit Date: 1931

NCYC 22Cyberlindnera saturnus

Habitat: Soil, Himalayas.

Depositor: A. Klocker

Deposit Date: April 1920

NCYC 23Cyberlindnera saturnus

Habitat: Unknown

Depositor: Carlsberg Laboratorium.

Deposit Date: May 1924

NCYC 78Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Habitat: Unknown

Depositor: A. Chaston Chapman

Deposit Date: December 1925

NCYC 132Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Habitat: From African Millet Beer

Depositor: A.C. Chapman

Deposit Date: February 1921

NCYC 378Trigonopsis variablis

Habitat: Unknown

Depositor: Dr. V.B.D. Skerman

Deposit Date: September 1953

NCYC 425Bulleromyces albus (Type Strain)

Habitat: Atmosphere in dairy, USA.

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: December 1965

NCYC 459Debaryomyces fabryi

Habitat: Soil, New Zealand.

Depositor: M.E. di Menna

Deposit Date: 1955

NCYC 473Magnusiomyces capitatus

Habitat: Isolated from media containing epithelium from cattle tongues.

Depositor: Mrs. E. Farley, Foot and Mouth Disease Research Institute, Pirbright, Surrey, UK.

Deposit Date: January 1956

NCYC 609Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Habitat: West indian molasses.

Depositor: M.P. Scarr, Tate & Lyle Ltd.

Deposit Date: March 1960

NCYC 731Saccharomycodes ludwigii (Type Strain)

Habitat: Unknown

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: May 2023

NCYC 1370Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Habitat: Isolated from wine packing cellar.

Depositor: B.E. Kirsop

Deposit Date: October 1981

NCYC 1398Pichia kudriavzevii

Habitat: From fermenting stored vegetable sugars.

Depositor: Dr. M. Humphries

Deposit Date: October 1980

NCYC 1417Kazachstania lodderae (Type Strain)

Habitat: Soil, South Africa.

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: March 1982

NCYC 1422Trichosporon ovoides

Habitat: Unknown

Depositor: R. Moreton, PHLS Porton Down, UK.

Deposit Date: August 1982

NCYC 1423Hyphopichia burtonii

Habitat: Contamined pigmeal infested with Acarus siro (flour mite).

Depositor: MAFF/ADAS, Reading, UK.

Deposit Date: July 1981

NCYC 1427Zygosaccharomyces bailii

Habitat: Unknown

Depositor: K. Painting, NCYC.

Deposit Date: March 1982

NCYC 1428Sporidiobolus pararoseus

Habitat: Takeda Chem. Ind., Ltd.

Depositor: ATCC

Deposit Date: August 1982

NCYC 1432Trichosporon ovoides

Habitat: Wild yeast strain isolated from core gasket of a stainless steel maturation vessel in a brewery.

Depositor: Whitbread & Co. Ltd.

Deposit Date: April 1982

NCYC 1456Ogataea polymorpha

Habitat: From intestinal tract of swine.

Depositor: NRRL

Deposit Date: March 1983

NCYC 1472Candida albicans

Habitat: From routine cervical smear of symptomless woman.

Depositor: J. Douglas, Glasgow University.

Deposit Date: January 1983

NCYC 1576Rhodosporidium toruloides

Habitat: Unknown

Depositor: IFO

Deposit Date: March 1986