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Slope - Active Culture

Commercial: £180.00 ex VAT

Academic: £130.00 ex VAT

Ampoule - Freeze Dried

Commercial: £140.00 ex VAT

Academic: £85.00 ex VAT

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NCYC 382Debaryomyces maramus (Type Strain)

Habitat: From the atmosphere, New Zealand

Depositor: M.E. di Menna

Deposit Date: September 1953

NCYC 614Pachysolen tannophilus (Type Strain)

Habitat: Extracts of concentrated tanning fluid from Castanea vesca (Chestnut), Germany.

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: April 1960

NCYC 2488Candida homilentoma

Habitat: Frass of Xylion adustus in Ficus sycomorus, South Africa

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: February 1993