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Slope - Active Culture

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NCYC 142Rhodotorula mucilaginosa

Habitat: Unknown

Depositor: F.C. Harrison

Deposit Date: April 1928

NCYC 158Rhodotorula mucilaginosa

Habitat: Throat swab.

Depositor: Dr. Bousfield, Camberwell Research Station

Deposit Date: October 1926

NCYC 797Rhodotorula mucilaginosa

Habitat: Sea water.

Depositor: N.C.M.B

Deposit Date: September 1974

NCYC 874Phaffia rhodozyma (Type Strain)

Habitat: Exudate of Fagus crenata, Japan.

Depositor: M.W.Miller

Deposit Date: 1980

NCYC 974Rhodotorula glutinis var. glutinis

Habitat: Isolated from a fuel/water sample of tanker.

Depositor: E.T. Wycislik

Deposit Date: June 1980

NCYC 1401Rhodotorula graminis

Habitat: Aerial contaminant of agar plate exposed by a river.

Depositor: S. Howson, IFR, Norwich, UK.

Deposit Date: October 1981

NCYC 1403Candida succiphila (Type Strain)

Habitat: Sap of Amygdalus persica (peach tree), Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

Depositor: J.D. Lee, IAM, Tokyo, Japan.

Deposit Date: November 1981

NCYC 1405Cryptococcus vishniacii var. vishniacii (Type Strain)

Habitat: Soil, Mount Baldr, Antarctica.

Depositor: Dr. H. Vishniac

Deposit Date: January 1982

NCYC 1462Cryptococcus laurentii var. laurentii

Habitat: From leaves of Vicia faba (Broad bean).

Depositor: Dr. O.C. MacNamara, University of Newcastle.

Deposit Date: March 1983

NCYC 1464Sporobolomyces roseus

Habitat: From leaves of Solanum tuberosum (Potato).

Depositor: Dr. O.C. MacNamara, University of Newcastle.

Deposit Date: March 1983