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Slope - Active Culture

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Ampoule - Freeze Dried

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NCYC 359Lindnera jadinii

Habitat: Unknown

Depositor: A.C. Thaysen

Deposit Date: March 1952

NCYC 614Pachysolen tannophilus (Type Strain)

Habitat: Extracts of concentrated tanning fluid from Castanea vesca (Chestnut), Germany.

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: April 1960

NCYC 769Lindnera jadinii (Type Strain)

Habitat: Isolate from yeast factory.

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: February 1974

NCYC 819Rhodosporidium toruloides

Habitat: Unknown

Depositor: J.A.Barnett

Deposit Date: June 1975

NCYC 907Schwanniomyces polymorphus

Habitat: Soil of forest, Finland.

Depositor: Dr. J.A. Barnett

Deposit Date: July 1983

NCYC 953Schwanniomyces occidentalis

Habitat: Soil of vineyard, Aranjuez, Spain.

Depositor: Dr. J.A. Barnett

Deposit Date: January 1979

NCYC 1399Meyerozyma guilliermondii

Habitat: Isolated from grape juice.

Depositor: IFO

Deposit Date: November 1980

NCYC 1403Candida succiphila (Type Strain)

Habitat: Sap of Amygdalus persica (peach tree), Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

Depositor: J.D. Lee, IAM, Tokyo, Japan.

Deposit Date: November 1981

NCYC 1457Pichia angusta

Habitat: From soil irrigated with distillery effluent, Pernambuco, Brazil.

Depositor: NRRL

Deposit Date: April 1983

NCYC 1541Scheffersomyces stipitis (Type Strain)

Habitat: Insect larva, on fruit tree, Lyon, Rhône, France.

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: 1984

NCYC 2389Candida shehatae var. lignosa (Type Strain)

Habitat: Rotten wood

Depositor: CBS via J. Barnett

Deposit Date: March 1992

NCYC 2452Candida lyxosophilia

Habitat: Soil of forest, South Africa

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: May 1992

NCYC 2467Ambrosiozyma monospora

Habitat: Pinus strobus, USA

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: May 1992

NCYC 2545Candida tenuis

Habitat: Insect

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: July 1994

NCYC 2549Sugiyamaella smithiae (Type Strain)

Habitat: Subcortical insect tunnels in Sclerocarya caffra, South Africa

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: March 1994

NCYC 2556Pachysolen tannophilus

Habitat: Tanning fluid, France

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: August 1994

NCYC 2572Debaryomyces hansenii var. hansenii (Type Strain)

Habitat: Associated with fermentation

Depositor: CBS

Deposit Date: October 1994